After-sales service address

After-sales maintenance address

1. Service object:

The service content stipulated in this after-sales service clause is applicable to high-voltage AC servo products, low-voltage DC servo products , low-voltage DC brushless servo products, super capacitor modules, LCD Control modules , movements, and all-in-one products, etc.


2. Service items:

1. Warranty period : driver: 12 months; motor: 12 months. 

During the warranty period, if the product has a non-human failure, we provide you with warranty service. Please contact the business staff and fill in the "Maintenance Notification Form" (main information such as: product model, machine number , fault description, special requirements, etc.), and send it to our company's maintenance center . We will complete the maintenance within the maintenance cycle and send it back to you.

The calculation method of the warranty period is generally based on the barcode management scanning and delivery time as the delivery time (if the customer can provide the exact delivery time certificate, this time can also be used as the delivery time).

2. Exchange:

Within 3 months from the date of delivery of the product , if the product has a non-human failure, we can replace the product of the same model for you.

3. Lifetime maintenance:

We will provide lifetime maintenance service for our customers. For faulty products that are within the warranty period but do not meet the warranty conditions or exceed the warranty period, we provide paid maintenance services. After the customer confirms that he accepts the maintenance fee for the product, we will arrange for the product to be repaired. However, repair services cannot be provided for products that have been discontinued, or lack of repair materials, or returned products that are too damaged to be worth repairing.

4. Maintenance cost:

1 ) For products within the warranty period, free maintenance for failures caused by non-human factors;
2 ) For products beyond the warranty period or man-made damages, we will charge the cost of components, labor costs and shipping costs according to different models and damage degrees; The cost will be quoted to you by the connected business personnel;


3. Situations that do not enjoy free warranty:

1 ) Product failure caused by force majeure factors such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.;

2 ) Damage caused by improper installation or use by customers;

3 ) Product failure caused by dismantling, repairing or modifying the product by personnel not authorized by Jiayu Electromechanical ;

4 ) Products purchased through non- Jiayu Electromechanical direct sales or authorized legal channels;

5 ) The code of the product is torn, altered or unrecognizable due to other reasons;


4. Maintenance process:
1 ) Maintenance application: The customer sends the maintenance product together with the "Maintenance Application Form" to Jiayu Electromechanical Maintenance Center according to the different types of products ;

Address: 5th Floor, No. 25, Qunhui Road, District 72, Xingdong Community, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Tel : 0755-23029245 ext. 816 (switchboard) Fax : 0755- 86597802


2 ) After Jiayu Electromechanical receives the maintenance product, it will confirm whether it is a maintenance that should be charged. If so, it will notify the business to contact the customer for a maintenance quotation;
3 ) Arrange maintenance and send it back to the customer within the maintenance cycle. The maintenance cycle is defined as: the total number of working days from the day the company receives the returned product from the customer to the time it is sent to the customer after the overhaul is completed. During the inspection and repair process of maintenance products, business personnel will contact the customer to confirm the relevant information. If the information reply is delayed due to customer reasons, the maintenance cycle will need to be extended accordingly.


V. Notice to Customers
1 ) Please try to back up the program parameters before sending for repair, because the program parameter settings may not be retained after repair.
2 ) Since our products are precision electronic products, customers should pay attention to adopt safe and reliable packaging and transportation methods when returning the products to avoid more serious damage due to transportation. It is recommended that customers apply for transportation insurance. Our company will not be responsible for the loss caused by irresistible reasons, please understand.
3 ) If the customer does not receive feedback within one week after the repaired product is sent out, please call the corresponding business person to inquire, so as to avoid the loss of the repaired part during transportation.
4 ) The final interpretation right of these terms of service belongs to Shenzhen Jiayu Electromechanical Co. , Ltd.