Advantages of White Shark Scissor flap barrier gate mechanism




Advantages of white shark scissor flap barrier gate mechanism

[Noise]: 7.5NM direct drive motor, no additional reduction mechanism, about 35dB.

[High efficiency and energy saving]: The drive system adopts advanced motor technology, direct drive servo motor, and the standby power is only 8.5W. Low power consumption leads the new trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the industry.

[Power-off opening]: The scissor door can be set as normally open or normally closed. When the power is off, the door is normally open. When the power is restored, it will automatically reset. When the system receives a fire alarm signal, the device will switch to the automatic opening mode It is convenient for evacuation; the equipment is evacuated throughout the day; the equipment works continuously 24 hours a day. The door body will not have any overheating or failure due to continuous operation.

[Fast running speed]: When the scissor door is working normally, the time from the start of the door to fully open (or close) is less than 0.5 seconds, and it can be adjusted. The high-speed door opening speed enables pedestrians to pass quickly, which can meet the requirements of blocking the occurrence of tailgating and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

[Reliability]: It is suitable for places with high frequency of subway use. Its designed service life is 10 million times, and the actual use has exceeded 30 million times.

[Maintenance]: The protection level of the motor is IP65, the driving components are simple and reliable, and the failure rate is extremely low. The driver can be upgraded remotely, and it is basically maintenance-free in 8 regular use.

[Safety]: When the closing time of the scissor door is 0.3 seconds, the closing impact force is less than 150N, and the delay time before complete closing can be set by parameters to reduce the impact force.

[Physical anti-clamping]: The scissor door has a physical anti-clamping function, which can quickly prevent people from being clamped.


White Shark Scissor Door Metro Movement Scheme Composition Diagram

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