Golden eagle metro turnstile gate mechanism parameter




Features of golden eagle swing gate mechanism

[High efficiency and energy saving]: The drive system adopts advanced motor technology, direct drive servo motor, and the standby power is only 2.5W. Low power consumption leads the new trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the industry.
[Opening after power failure]: When the emergency release mode is enabled or the equipment is powered off, the swing door can be opened automatically and kept in the open position; when the emergency release mode is released, the swing door will automatically close.
[Breakthrough performance]: When the swing door is closed, if the impact force it bears exceeds the set value (200~400N adjustable), the flapping door will automatically open and an alarm will be issued. And when passengers break through the gate maliciously, the movement will not be damaged.
[Fast running speed]: The door opening and closing speed is adjustable, and the fastest door opening and closing speed can be achieved in 0.3 seconds. The high-speed door opening speed enables pedestrians to pass quickly, and the high-speed door closing can meet the requirements of preventing the occurrence of tailgating and ensure the safety of pedestrians.
[Reliability]: Servo motor is used to directly drive the door column, no mechanical deceleration mechanism is required, the number of transmission stages is small, the wear is minimal, the operation is stable, the noise of opening and closing the door is not more than 45 decibels, and it is suitable for long-term impact of large passenger flow; MCBF service life test Up to 30 million times
[Maintenance]: The protection level of the motor is IP65, the driving components are simple and reliable, and the failure rate is extremely low. The driver can be upgraded remotely, and it is basically maintenance-free in daily use.
[Safety]: When the swing door performs the opening and closing action, the maximum impact force at the front end of the door panel is less than 150N when the door closing speed is 0.3S.
[Anti-pinch function]: The swing door has a physical anti-pinch function, which can quickly prevent people from being pinched.
[Small size]: The width of the core is 80mm, the height of the motor blocking base does not exceed 252mm, and the minimum width of the dual core chassis is 170mm.


Composition diagram of the movement scheme of the golden carving revolving door subway

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