APS series ETC high-speed boom barrier gate electronic control products solution

Provide dedicated servo controller and matching gate movement

■  AC servo driver + servo motor, ETC high-speed barrier gate servo electric control first.

■  Servo control algorithm + incremental position encoder, precise positioning of the brake lever.

■  Motor reducer integrated movement, precise gear transmission, stable and reliable.

■  The 1.5m brake lever can be opened in 0.3 seconds at the fastest, and the 3m brake lever can be opened in 0.6 seconds at the fastest.

■  Real-time detection of motor feedback and ground sense signals, double logic anti-smashing car protection.


Program introduction

APS series ETC high-speed barrier electronic control products (referred to as "high-speed barrier electronic control") is a servo electronic control + supporting core component launched by Jiayu Electromechanical for expressway ETC barrier equipment. It can be equipped with a 1.5-3 meter gate lever commonly used in the market. The gate opening and closing speed is fast, the position is accurate, the anti-smashing car protection is sensitive, and the integrated ground sense passes the vehicle detection and judgment, which is suitable for high-speed barrier equipment. It supports IO signal access and serial port communication connection, provides switch gate command control and operation status return, and can be connected to the license plate recognition control terminal and ETC charging system.



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