Automatic drug dispenser product solution

The automatic medicine vending machine adopts our company's L11-10612 servo driver and EBS59R servo motor. Our solution has precise positioning and long service life.


Restaurant service robot solution

In the second half of 2021, we received requests from our Hangzhou customers to install our electronic control equipment on their service robots. After a long period of communication and debugging, we finally chose our L11-10612 servo driver and 8-inch hub servo motor.


AGV carrier equipment solution

L12 hub two-in-one servo and 6.5 inch hub servo motor scheme introduction L12 server has various protection functions, such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, motor over-temperature protection, and strong overload capacity. It has RS485+CAN and CAN versions 6.5 inch hub servo motor, two-wheel maximum load capacity 150kg, rated power 300W, rated voltage 36V, high accuracy. It is carried on the whole machine to move forward and turn back smoothly.

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